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A Case for Dr. Morelle

A Case for Dr. Morelle was a crime drama broadcast in 1957 on BBC. The show had a short run of 13 episodes, but was very well-received by radio fans.

The show features a psychologist in London who helps police solve murder cases that are too complicated. The lead role is played by the English actor, Cecil Parker. Dr. Morelle has a secretary Miss Frayle, played by Sheila Sim. Most of the episodes begin, with Frayle patiently enduring her employer's endless sarcasm. At the end of each episode, a case is often solved by Dr. Morelle's careful and insightful examination into the mind of the killer.

Show Name Date Aired
Alarm Call April 23, 1957
Poisoned Air July 9, 1957
The Wedding Dress June 25, 1957
The Black Ruby June 18, 1957
The Blackmailer May 21, 1957
The Sleepwalker May 14, 1957
The Gambler July 2, 1957
Act Of Violence June 11, 1957
The Will June 4, 1957
Voice In The Night May 28, 1957
Threat To Kill May 7, 1957
Confession Of Guilt April 30, 1957
Mister X July 16, 1957

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